Oscar Vrijhoef
E / oscar.vrijhoef@batradelaw.com
T / +31 (0)20 308 5918

Oscar is specialised in international trade and investment, European law and policy, sanctions, and export controls. With a background in international economic law, he advises clients on the legality of cross-border transactions, sanctions risks, exports and imports, and has conducted internal trade compliance investigations.

Prior to joining BenninkAmar Advocaten Oscar completed an internship at the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security with a focus on how regulations could contribute economically. Besides, Oscar worked as an editorial assistant for a law journal in the field of economic integration.

Oscar obtained his bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Amsterdam, including a minor in tax law. In 2022, he completed his master’s degree in International and European Law with a specialisation in international trade and investment law from the University of Amsterdam. He also followed courses on competition law and the foreign relations policy of the European Union.

Oscar joined BenninkAmar Advocaten in March 2022 and he was sworn in as a lawyer in August 2022.