Sanctions 2023: Annual Developments in EU Sanctions Litigation

On 30 September 2022 ICLG published the expert analysis chapter on Annual developments in EU Sanctions litigation, written by Sebastiaan Bennink and Shanne Verkerk.

The chapter focuses on some eye-catching cases from the latter half of 2021, and from 2022. These range from an application for annulment of the broadcast ban adopted following the outbreak of the Russo-Ukraine war; this being the first ruling given by the Grand Chamber of the General Court in an expedited procedure, to the long-awaited judgement of the ECJ in Bank Melli Iran on the EU Blocking Statute. Furthermore, this chapter discusses two cases that address more in depth the bases for maintaining and renewing designations on the EU sanctions list and concludes with some cases from a procedural perspective. These rulings address, amongst others, the question whether failure to sign an act maintaining a listing amounts to nullification of that listing, the role of formalism in a request for a review of a listing decision and a limitation of the right to be heard, respectively. Please find the full article here.

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