Iran unveils new ballistic missile in response to President Trumps UN speech

On 22 September 2017, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran will continue to build up its ballistic missile program and other capabilities, unveiling a new ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads for up to 2000 kilometers. President Rouhani’s statement comes just days after United States (“US“) President Trump his first speech to the United Nations, denouncing the Iran nuclear deal and calling it an embarrassment to the US.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action requires Iran to comply with the accord and curb its nuclear program in exchange for a sanctions relief. However, the Iran nuclear deal does not mention ballistic missiles. According to Iran, expanding its missile program is not in breach with the accord and that the country has fully complied with the provisions of the Iran nuclear deal. Under US Law President Trump is required to certify Iran’s compliance to the nuclear agreement to Congress every 90 days and the next deadline to do so is on 15 October 2017. B&A Law will keep you updated on this subject.

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