Additional sanctions against Russia and Syria for the bombardments of Aleppo are still on the table

This week, German Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande of France pressed President Putin on his country’s behaviour regarding the situation in Syria. The two heads of state insisted on an immediate stopping of the bombardments on Aleppo. Merkel and Hollande told Putin that if the bombardments do not stop immediately, imposing additional sanctions on Russia is still a possibility. Last week, EU diplomats already suggested that some EU Member States, including the UK, France, and Germany, were considering imposing additional sanctions on Russian and Syria, in particular on people connected to President Assad and involved in the bombardment of Aleppo. Although, last Monday, the EU did issue a press release fiercely condemning the bombardments of Aleppo, the EU has not gone so far yet as to already impose additional sanctions on Russia and Syria. Although the EU Council is currently not discussing any such additional sanctions, also in view of the current cease fire, the option of additional sanctions clearly is still open.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Ukraine has increased its sanctions against Russia related to the violation of its territorial integrity and sovereignty. The official press release from the Ukranian Government can be found here

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